Naturopathic Medicine Fees

(Fees do not include herbs, supplements, medications, or topical applications. Fees subject to change)

We want your visiting experience be a pleasant one.  We want you to be fully informed about our fees and payment policies.  If you have other insurance coverage and you wish to submit a bill to request reimbursement for services received here, please call the number on the back of your insurance card to inquire about this process.  Also, please determine if your insurance company covers Naturopathic Medicine.  Most of our patients are reimbursed 40-60% per visit from the insurance companies. We offer discount for Medicare, Uninsured and cash paying patient if you would like more information, please call us at 425-306-6235

First Visit:  $250  (This is approximately 60-minute initial visit)

Return Visit: $85-125 (This is approximately a 15-30 minute return visit)

15 Minutes Initial Consultation: No Charge (It's important to know each other first before starting care.)

Phone Consultation: $45 per half-hour

Existing patients that have any questions pertaining to the treatment plan will not be charged to speak to a doctor over the phone.  Time spent on questions not related to the treatment plan will be charged accordingly. 

E-mail Consultation: No Charge 

E-mail consultations will not incur a fee and are only to be used in the following cases: when you require clarification of your on-going therapy and when the doctor has asked you to email. E-mail consultations will not be used in place of a scheduled phone or office visit. If there is any question about this service, you are welcome to ask in your email inquiry.

Cancellation Charge:  We require 24 hours notice received by phone during our normal business hours for canceled or rescheduled visits, or a charge will be billed to you.  Please understand the necessity of this policy as it allows valuable clinic hours not to be wasted and helps us to provide optimal care for all of our patients. There is no charge for visits canceled with 24 hours notice. Half the cost of the scheduled visit will be charged for cancellations with less than 24 hours notice.  Full fee is charged if no notice is received unless there is a family emergency or other serious cause for you to miss your scheduled appointment.

Insurance:  We are NOT in contract with ANY insurance company. However, we will be happy to give you a superbill at the end of the visit to aid the submission of your own claim.

Lab Charges: Lab test (e.g. blood work) charges are based on what tests are ordered, which varies widely.  Insurance covers most lab tests; however there are times when they don't.  If the fees for the blood work get rejected, you are responsible for paying the charges.